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ata·​la | \ ə-ˈtä-lə  \ 
strong, steady, resilient; that which cannot be averted or escaped
hairstreak butterfly (Eumaeus atala) native to southeastern Florida; once thought to be extinct but is now thriving

At Atala Counseling, we provide individual therapy for adults and children, couples counseling and family counseling.

With decades of combined professional experience, we offer a person centered approach that is supportive and nonjudgemental.

blue counseling chair in counseling office lobby

Practice Areas

Individual Counseling

One on one sessions for children, adults or seniors, used to enrich personal development and process past and current stressors.

Couples Counseling

Reconnect with your partner to develop communication skills, minimize conflict and enhance intimacy.

Family Counseling

A collaborative approach for the family system to strengthen communication skills and increase emotional awareness.

State of Florida court and DCF approved course for parents going through divorce/separation with minor children. Go to our Workshops page to sign up for this in-person course.

Learn the skills and tools for your relationship to go the distance. Win 

give aways and have fun with your partner! Go to our Workshops page

to sign up. Limited seats available. 

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